Thursday, March 21, 2013

EVENTS FOR 23, 24, 30, 31 MARCH 2013

The Passion Play is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. And please, this appeals to everyone, Atheist, Agnostic or Anglican! You will be challenged, moved and rocked by this show. Our Passion Play is interactive and tactile- while you will not be asked to act, you will be intrinsically involved in this production- and without giving too much away, you will leave the production with a lot to think about. We update our production to challenge you on issues of Xenophobia, Domestic Violence, Poverty and HIV, all in the name of The Passion- oh and I don’t believe you if you say you don’t care about any of these issues. Tell me you are not struggling with Work Permits and Visas. Tell me you are not struggling with the Chinese or that your senior manager wants yet another work day off, to go bury another family member who has recently passed away- this show is topical as it is relevant! And if you REALY don’t care for all this seemingly serious stuff, then you simply WILL love the way this story evolves and plays itself out, in a village that is so beautiful, you will be forgiven for wanting to relocate.
In a word- Unforgettable- That’s what we do!SO HOW DOES IT HAPPEN?Well you call me on 72613800 to buy a P200 ticket for either the 23,24,30 or 31 March. Then you arrive at Westwood International School at 2pm where you can leave your car in safety as a luxury Sprinter takes you to Rasesa 50 Km from central Gaborone. There you will be taken to 4 different homes, where the Passion plays out, before you are summonsed to the Kgotla to witness the arrest and crucifixion. At approx 5.30pm, you should be back home. Oh, and bring a camera- you will want to get this- All of it!
-Aldo Brincat

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