THE EVENT - 27, 28, 29 April 2012

The Serenading Sounds.....

The Hills will truly be coming alive with music originating from every corner of the world on these 3 days!
Whether you are yearning to hear Chinese, Indian, Kenyan perhaps music from Botswana you will most definately hear it.
Every rock (converted) to a stage platform will have its own sound, its own beat and its own rhythm!
Performing on each rock will be an assortment of international dancers,poets,choirs and many others that have raw talent.
The result will be that every rock (stage platftorm) will be truly international.

The idea is that The Hills of Music will live up to its name and come alive with international sounds!

The Mesmerizing Visuals.....

Are you interested in a particular form of art, have you been eyeing an art piece that you havent had the time or the opportunity to buy, maybe you are an art collector or you would like to learn more about art techniques from artists?
This event will be the perfect opportunity for you to buy art you are passionate about!

The Exotic Tastes......

During these 3 days you will delve into delicious foods and experience the most exotic foods you have ever come across.
There will be food stalls scattered all over the hill for your convenience. An array of choices from international countries will be available to you.
Whether you are looking for a Chinese, Indian, Kenyan or Setswana taste, you will definately be spoiled for choice.

The International Attitres........

Have you been dying to show off that Sari that has been lying around in your wardrobe with no occassion to wear it to?
Perhaps you have a kimono, a kilt, a leteisi or even makgabe! Whatever your national attire, this festival will be the perfect time to whip it out and show it off!

Camper's Delight......

For you nature lovers, you are welcome to camp overnight and share stories and fun under the beautiful African stars.
FREE self-service camping is available if you so please. Please be aware that you will be bringing your own tent and accessories. 
Please contact us if you would like to register for the camping service prior to the event. 

Ticket prices: P250 per adult per day
P150 per child under 16
P500 for a family of 4

Stall prices: P1000 per day or P3000 for 3days

- Walking shoes as there will be a fair amount of walking, so it would be in your best interest to bring comfortable shoes.
- Umbrellas are allowed. 
-Camping chairs are allowed
- A picnic cloth is allowed

-Food as food will be sold at the event
-Drinks as they will be sold at the event
-Pets- no pets allowed