A Google Earth picture of the Venue for The Hills of Music Festival.

The Queen of Trees
The choice of venue for the upcoming festival was an intentional one, and the major reasons are; the Diphiring Hills is visually stimulating and breathtakingly beautiful, also, the venue itself holds a lot of history. 
The above tree is the Fig Tree also known as Mofatolalentswe in Setswana. The setswana name comes from one of its characteristics which it is able to grow between rock cracks, delicately place itself there and grow gracefully regardless of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 
Its nickname if 'The Queen of trees' simply because it shows a delicate dance of survival  and still manages to show exquisite detail by rippening its fruit (figs). 
Some believe that it is an ancestral tree and characters named after it are survivors who are able to deal with any situation calmly and gracefully. 
Diphiring Hills is adorned in these beautiful and meaningful trees. 

In the effort to promote the event, we have held a promo event at Riverwalk Shopping Center, Gaborone on the 12th February 2011.
The event is continuing to raise eyebrows and arouse interest. 
The next promo event will be held on the 16th April 2011 at Riverwalk Shopping Center from 9am to 2pm. The artists will be there performing and having a meet and greet with their fans! We hope to see you there!