Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Can YOU become a sponsor?

We know that there are a number of organizations and individuals who would like to be a part of this event and be our supporters. Your contribution is always welcome! The different areas that you may become a sponsor include;

1.       Sponsoring a rock entails;
The sponsoring of performances at the adopted rock. This means paying for the performances that would be taking place on a specified rock. For example, Company X pays for all or partial of the performances that will be taking place on Rock number 1. When you are a rock sponsor, that rock belongs to your organization for the duration of the event, meaning that
2.      Stall Construction sponsorship entails;
-          With its major concern for preserving the nature of the hills, and using environmentally friendly materials, The Hills of Music will be building shelters/ stalls made out of a sacred and symbolic tree in the Kgatleng District commonly used to build shelters in traditional functions, these shelters are called “Leobo” in Kgatleng. The shelters built will be to accommodate food providers as well as exhibitionists.

3.       Advertising and Communication initiatives Sponsorship  entails;
        Sponsoring any advertising/ marketing material for The Hills of Music. This may include Brochures, T-shirts, Website, Billboards, and Flyers etc.

4.      Sponsoring electrical powering of the event entails;
       Setting up the power supply (solar or otherwise) to power and project the sound of the performances.

5.      Sponsoring the ablution block (toilets) entails;
       Supplying the event with toilets to ensure a clean and hygienic environment during as well as after the event.

6. Security entails;
Providing security services for the event to ensure a safe and secure time for all involved.

Please contact us if you have interest of being a part of the project.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Objectives

The festival seeks to attain the following
goals & objectives:

Goal #1:
 To celebrate cultural diversity and to unite Botswana cultures.

Goal #2:
 To demonstrate that a natural environment into an “exhibition space without walls” with little injury to the land.

Goal #3:
 To provide a stage for non-professional artists to show-case their talents

Goal #4:
 To provide a stage for professional artists to show case their talents.

Goal #5:
 To effectively use local labour, talent and materials to create a unique new festival.

Goal#6 :
To raise funds for charity. A portion of the proceedings made from the festival will be donated to a charitable organization that will be announced.

Our Sponsors

We at The Hills of Music realise that we can not possibly pull off such a big event on our own, we have therefore received much appreciated support from local sponsors.
Special thanks to:

The Hills of Music Team

The Founder:
Unity Dow

Unity Dow is known in Botswana to be 'a woman of the law',  being a lawyer and the first female judge in Botswana's high court, most would only see the side of her that is passionate about law.
However, Unity has had a secret that she has been passionate about for years. Realising that it was not very often that foreign as well as local communities got together and celebrated where they were from, what their cultures represented, and shared with others their exotic foods and their beautiful adornments, she wanted to have a annual festivals that could get together all nations that currently reside in Botswana, one that promoted unity, harmony, color, community and great fun for all those who are passionate about music, art, culture and food.
The Hills of Music International Music, Art, Food and Dress Festival was then born in 2010.
Her motto regarding this exciting project is

"Any dream that stays unrealised soon becomes a nightmare"

The Project Coordinator:
Lebogang Maruapula

Being a communication specialist, Lebo was engaged on this project to oversee the project and develop communication strategies as well as publicity initiatives. Lebo is passionate about all things communication and projects such as The Hills of Music are the type that are her driving force.
She studied for a BA Mass Communication and her strengths lie in communication strategies, public relations and brand representation and positioning.
Lebo is in charge of charting the event's communication, publicity and sponsorship initiatives. 

Lebo is the contact person for all enquiries.

The Talent Manager:
Hellen Dikobe

Helen is a professional performing artist who was nominated for a number of musical awards at the BOMU Music awards, Botswana.
Helen is also a songwriter whose work has been used by artists and charity initiatives in Botswana. 
Helen has joined the team as the Talent Manager, of course due to her own talent as a performing artist and her 11 year experience in the industry.
She scouts and manages talent for The Hills of Music. 

The Public Relations Intern:
Boago Diswai

Boago is a BA Mass Communication student in Curtin University, Malaysia.
Being in the final year of her studies she was attached to The Hills of Music to help with Public Relations initiatives of the project. 
Boago intends to let her work on the project help her build her portfolio and help her become a fully fledged Public Relations practitioner.

The Public Relations and Marketing Intern:
Boipelo Tapologo

Currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Broadcasting at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Botswana, Boipelo is the Public Relations and Marketing Intern at The Hills of Music. 
She is heavily involved in dealing with the event's external stakeholders on a daily basis. 
She seeks to take away experience in Public Relations, Marketing and Event management to further her career. 
Boipelo aspires to be a radio personality and hopes the experience at The Hills will add to her being able to deal with people of different calibers.